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What is the Aquarelles Synchro Club?

 The Aquarelles Synchro Club is a synchronized swimming program, established in San Antonio. We have trained coaches that develop recreational and elite swimmers in their athletic skills, rhythm, and team building. We are a non-profit organization that embraces three core values: respect, team spirit, and self-confidence. Our mission is to empower swimmers, kids and adults alike, to be passionate and confident in life through synchronized swimming.

Who Can Join?

Anyone, 5-years-old and up, can join The Aquarelles Synchro Club. If you’re looking for a fun new challenge, if you like to work as a team, if you like to put on a show–then synchronized swimming might be the sport for you. Sports like gymnastics, swimming, dance, diving, or cheerleading serve as great background for synchronized swimmers. Swimming experience is required.


Our Team

There is a place for every one at every skill level from beginner swimmers to competitive athletes

Beginners: Beginner swimmers from 5 to 14 years old. This group swims once a week and perform in our seasonal club water shows.

Pre-Novice: Experienced swimmers but beginner synchronized swimmers who are 7-years-old and older. This group swims twice a week and performs in our seasonal club water shows.

Novice: Experienced synchronized swimmers from 7-years-old and up. This group swims 2 to 3 times a week, participates in our seasonal water shows, and compete in regionals and state competition.

Intermediate: Experienced synchronized swimmers from 10-years-old and up. This group swims 3 to 4 times a week, participates in our seasonal water shows, and competes in regionals and state competition.

13-15 Age Group: Experienced synchronized swimmers from 13 to 15 years old. This group trains 4 to 5 times a week, participates in our seasonal water shows, and competes in regionals, state and nationals competition.

Master: Experienced synchronized swimmers from 20-years-old and up that are interested in building a team routine and training twice a week. This group participates in our seasonal water shows and may compete in regional, state, and national competitions.

Synchro for Adults: Beginners synchronized swimmers from 18-years-old and up looking into training at something new and different. Previous swimming experience is preferable. This group trains twice a week and focuses on synchro skills, building strength and endurance, all in a fun setting! This group participates in our seasonal water shows.



What Can I Expect?

Coaches will group swimmers in similar age and ability groups. Groups will practice 2 to 4 times a week to work on specific skills. The team will put together a routine consisting of artistic and technical elements, dynamic transitions and hybrids. Coaches expect swimmers to come to practice ready to work hard, work as a member of a team, and maintain a positive attitude.

circle of swimmers

Swimmers train throughout the session improving flexibility, strength, technical figures and coordination. There are three kinds of routines: team routines, duets, and solos. Duets and solos are optional and require individualized training. The training culminates at the end of the season with a fun and entertaining water show open to the public, and competitive performance for our competing teams.



Gabrielle Zabriskie, Head Coach

Gabrielle has been a synchronized swimmer for the past 17 years. She grew up in Quebec City, Canada, where she swam for Synchro Elite of Quebec Inc., one of the most successful Synchro Clubs in the country. She has been competing at the national level since 2002 and representing Canada in international championships since 2005. She moved to South Texas in 2011 to work as a professional synchronized swimmer and perform in “AZUL,” the white whale and dolphin show at SeaWorld.

While pursuing her athletic career, Gabrielle started coaching in 2005. She knew back then that coaching was going to be a very important part of her life. She loves to share her passion and to teach this amazing, complicated, and challenging sport. She received many honors at her home club and on the provincial scene, such as coach of the year 2008 and 2009, and Development Level-Team also in 2009. She really enjoys the position of head coach because it requires high levels of organizational skills and because she love to multitask.

Her coaching philosophy is that there’s no such thing as losing or winning. It’s all about self-accomplishment and self-growth. Hard work always brings good development, pride, and well-deserved rewards.

After 4 years of getting to know San Antonio, she took on the challenge to promote and make synchronized swimming a bigger and better community in this city. San Antonio has a great potential to become a leader in cities for synchronized swimming because of its multiple pool facilities, passion for swimming, and an existing synchro community. In September 2014, Gabrielle founded The Aquarelles Synchro Club, a new, growing, and hungry for success synchronized swimming club! She looks forward to many years of success and a great Aquarelles family where passion and team spirit shine.


Tina Greenlee, Coach

Tina began synchronized swimming back in her hometown of Rockford, IL. She attended clinics and camps as a child and joined her high school team, the Guilford Valkyries, in 2000. As a member of the Valkyries for all four years, she participated in 5-7 performances every spring during Show Week. These performances involved floor to ceiling murals, lighting, videography, emcees and skits, and ~10 routines. Her experience with the Guilford Valkyries is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of her childhood and really solidified her passion for the sport.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Tina was a four-year member of the Illini Synchro club team (2004-2008). Here she experienced her first competitions and continued performance shows each spring for Mom’s Weekend. In college, Tina was also a 4-year member of the Illinettes Dance Team. Her other past experiences in coaching youth athletes have involved middle school spirit squad, high school track & field, youth hockey dry-land conditioning, and youth diving and synchronized swimming. Tina has a passion for choreographing, loves the water, and enjoys showing others how much fun you can have while exercising!
She moved to San Antonio in the spring of 2016 and was extremely happy to find the Aquarelles and join their synchro family! Her proudest moment as a coach so far has been watching her beginner synchronized swimmers do an amazing job of performing in 3 routines at their Winter Wonderland showcase after only 10 weeks (only 1 d/wk) of synchronized swimming practice EVER, and watching the novice and intermediate swimmers step up and help lead by example all fall season.



Claire Elliott, Coach

Claire spent >8 years in the pool as a water dancer. She started in her hometown, Savannah, GA, at age 9 for a local club team, The Savannah Synchro Sonics. She spent half of her childhood traveling and competing in nearly every state in the southeast and has a closet full of gold medals from every competitive category.

Her favorite element of the sport lies particularly in dance routine, as Claire’s high highest points were always earned in the “Artistic Impression” category…(you know, that dramatic face when someone pops out of the water!). Claire is excited to “get back in the water” by competing at the Masters level beginning in March of 2017. She is also experiencing her first year coaching with the Aquarelles in hopes to make the same lasting impact that her synchro coach did for her.

Laura Meitin, Coach

Braley San Miguel, Coach

Alexandra Cox, Coach

Zofi Kudak, Coach


Current Events


Registrations for our Fall session are now open! We will be starting September 17th.

To register for our Beginners team at George Block Aquatic Center, click HERE.

To register for our Masters team or Synchro for Adult team, click HERE.

To register for our Beginners and Youth team training at Palo Alto Aquatic Center or Boerne City Pool, click HERE.


Masters 2017

Congrats to our Masters Team for performing beautifully in San Diego this past July. They represented The Aquarelles proudly competing for the first time out of state, and bringing back home the gold medal in team 20-29 age group! Our Head Coach Gabrielle Zabriskie also took first place in Solo in the 20-29 age group. Christine Williams finished second in Solo 30-39 age group, and our Burlesque Trio with Tina Greenlee, Claire Elliott and Christine Williams finished 4th with only 0,66 to make it to the podium. It was a fantastic experience, we look forward to see these girls in the water again soon!




We need all hands on deck!

What’s your strength?

  • Fundraising Coordinator
    • Organize fundraising activities
    • In charge of specialty raffles, events, etc.
  • Communication Coordinator
    • Monthly parent newsletters
    • Email schedule communications
    • Organize and update contact list
    • Parent liaison
  • Apparel Coordinator
    • Place and distribute clothing and equipment order
    • Contact local distributors
  • Volunteers on deck during meets
    • Team leader
    • Snack bar coordinator
    • Result tabulator
    • More opportunities to follow

As our club grows, we will need to fill our board of directors. Some of these positions include treasurer, secretary and coordinators. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these positions. Thank you for your continued support.




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